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Leslie Griesdorf: Ontario Dental Association Mission

Leslie Griesdorf!

Leslie Griesdorf sold his dental practice to a colleague in 2003, and officially retired from the profession of dentistry in 2004. A dentist for more than three decades, Leslie Griesdorf enjoyed membership in several notable professional organizations.

Among those organizations with which Leslie Griesdorf was involved was the Ontario Dental Association (ODA), which had maintained good standing with throughout the course of his membership. As he knows, the ODA operates by and adheres to a strong set of principles, those which provide the foundation for its contributions to the field and to its members.

ODA Mission

The ODA Mission is to provide inspiration, innovation and exceptional value through three key actions:

  • Promoting high standards of dental care and supporting its membership in their pursuit of professional excellence

  • Cultivating a collaborative work environment

  • Advocating for the oral health and access to such for all Ontario citizens

Leslie Griesdorf is proud to have been affiliated with such a principled and supportive organisation as the ODA throughout his professional career.

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