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Leslie Griesdorf: 4 Facts About the Cuban Missile Crisis

Leslie Griesdorf Retired Dentist!

Retired dentist Leslie Griesdorf has long held a strong interest in American history, particularly those

people and events that were so pivotal during the 20th Century. One of Leslie Griesdor favorite historical topics is the Cuban Missile Crisis, an event that not only embodied the players, boundaries and tension that existed during the Cold War, but that also served as a stark wake-up call about the potential for and consequences of worldwide nuclear conflict.

Always willing to engage others on the subject, Leslie Griesdorf possesses an in-depth understanding of the characters, events and details that shaped and defined those fateful 13 days in April 1961.

Some Interesting facts about the Cuban Missile Crisis:

1) The Bay of Pigs Invasion was the major catalyst of the Crisis.

2) Operation Anadyr was the code name for the USSR’s operation to install nuclear missiles in Cuba.

3) Maskirovka, otherwise known as “denial and deception”, is the strategy employed by the USSR for

implementing the operation.

4) A U-2 spy plane provided US officials clear evidence of the Soviet missile installation.
In addition to the Cuban Missile Crisis, Leslie Griesdorf also enjoys learning on and discussing WWII and

the JFK Assassination.

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