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Dr. Leslie Griesdorf: Northern Karate Student

· Leslie Griesdorf

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is a retired dentist who specialized in oral surgery in and around Toronto, Canada. He’s also an avid fitness enthusiast who’s exercised four times every week since high school, and he’s a martial artist who’s attained the rank of brown belt with the Northern Karate Schools.

At the Northern Karate Schools, Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is one of over 10,000 students who are dedicated to improving their skills in the art. He enjoys his training immensely and doesn’t plan to stop any time soon.

“Since its inception, Northern Karate has expanded to 12 locations in the metropolitan Toronto area, as well as several international schools, where more than [10,000] men, women and children, ages 3-70+, enjoy the benefits of an NKS' martial arts programs each week,” reads the school’s website. “We believe a martial arts education is a vehicle for self-discovery and positive change. We also believe it can improve the world – one person at a time.”

In addition to the martial arts education that students like Dr. Leslie Griesdorf receive, the school participates in a variety of nonprofit activities that benefit organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society, the White Ribbon Campaign, Daily Bread and the Starlight Foundation.

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