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    Leslie Griesdorf is retired dentist, griesdorf practiced dentistry for more than 30 years. Leslie Griesdorf maintains an ongoing and passionate enthusiasm for exercise. Having participated in workouts since high school, Griesdorf continues to work out a minimum four times every week, understanding the importance of keeping his body in peak physical shape.


    Leslie Griesdorf owned and operated a private dental practice in Toronto until 2003, and now spends much of his time investing in the Toronto Stock Exchang.


  • Dr. Leslie Griesdorf

    Dr. Leslie Griesdorf: Caring Person

    Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is a dentist-turned-investor who entered semi-retirement in 2004. During the decades that he operated his practice in Toronto, he had a reputation for being a very caring person to both patients and to friends, and he never refused to help someone day or night.

    Today, Dr. Griesdorf enjoys regular exercise, classes at a local karate dojo, researching his favorite historical topics and building his portfolio as an investment professional.

  • Leslie Griesdorf

    Retired dentist Leslie Griesdorf has a keen interest in news and what is going on in the world.

    Leslie Griesdorf officially retired more than ten years ago in 2004. Since then, Leslie...
    Leslie Griesdorf is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is a semi-retired dental professional who...
    junio 18, 2018 · Leslie Griesdorf
    Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is a rounded professional who worked as a dentist for decades before he...
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